Pippi time

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This lithography is a tribute to Pippi Longstocking, and a big, heartfelt “thank you” for all that she stands for. Thinking out of the box, with great love and affection for those who cannot always keep up.

In our world today, we see lots of Pippi’s around. We try to reign them in and make them fit into our systems. Instead, we should give them space and time to teach us how we can live life with a little more humor and a litte more freedom to sense what it is that we want to spend our lives doing.

Thislithography is also a tribute to those girls and boys who struggle with ADD/ADHD. Many of them have several of Pippis qualities in them, in their approche to life. If we gave ourselves time to listen to them and see their qualities, I belive we could get a better and more harmonious life.

All lithografies are in a limited edition of 100, and as soon as a lithografy is sold out, it will never be made again. The lithografy and its story belongs to you.

The handheld lithography has a nice, soft silicone wrist band, which makes it comfortable to wear. The wristband is kept in a simple and stylish design, which ensures that focus is kept on the image.